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OCCC’s campus will remain open so students can access core services in person, including free WiFi, huddle stations, library, computers and labs. Some hands-on courses will continue to have on-campus instruction. Faculty will be available to you on-campus. Most classes scheduled for Fall will be conducted online.

Masks are required in shared, open areas.

Information about services, departments and operating hours lives here:

COVID-19 is a virus identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness that has spread globally into a pandemic. OCCC encourages you to learn more about COVID-19, health and safety precautions, and resources at:
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Employee Assistance Program

Oklahoma City Community College provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at no charge to all employees and their dependents. The EAP is administered by OneLife and is a service designed to help you manage life’s challenges or a place to turn when personal problems seem overwhelming or too complicated to solve. The EAP can deliver much needed, confidential help through its team of professional Counselors trained to solve or help you cope with a wide variety of short-term problems.


  • Bereavement or grief counseling
  • Alcoholism, drug abuse and chemical dependency
  • Chronic or life-threatening illnesses
  • Caring for aging relatives
  • Parenting counseling
  • Marital or family difficulties
  • Divorce care
  • Stress Management
  • Work-related concerns
  • Emotional problems
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Anger management

The OneLife counseling service is completely confidential and the decision to use the service is yours. You and your dependents are eligible for up to six (6) FREE visits per issue – per calendar year. You or your family member may call the EAP service to arrange an appointment at any time.

Work & Life Services

The EAP also offers services to help employees balance work and the challenges of daily life. Information is available in the following areas:

  • Childcare and eldercare assistance: Caregiver support, School & College planning, needs assessment and referrals to care providers.
  • Legal & Financial Services: Estate planning, Debt & Budgeting, Credit Counseling, Tax & Retirement planning, Identity Theft, Mediation, etc.
  • Daily Living Services: Referrals to consultants and businesses that can help with everyday errands, travel, event planning, convenience services and more.

EAP Services:

  • Confidential Counseling
  • 6 Face-to-Face counseling sessions per issue (unlimited issues)
  • No issue too big or too small
  • Unlimited Telephonic Counseling
  • No ID Required

OneLife Employee Assistance Program

Call 405-840-0231 or email
No ID Required

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