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About Us

About Oklahoma City Community College

Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) serves more than 24,500 students from Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. As a true “community” college, Oklahoma City Community College serves students of all backgrounds and ages.

Targeting top career fields important in Oklahoma and the region, OCCC offers:

  • Hundreds of college classes, if you want to brush up on new skills or learning something new, just for fun
  • Associate degree programs, designed either for transfer to another college or university or for entry into the current job market
  • Technical or professional certification programs, created to provide a fast career track for those seeking certain skills without the college general education requirement

The Best College Value in Oklahoma

Oklahoma City Community College gives students the chance to experience an affordable, accessible and flexible community college education.

OCCC makes getting started as easy as possible through:

Oklahoma City Community College, however, defines “value” beyond tuition costs. At OCCC, you’ll get a top education from faculty dedicated primarily to teaching, not researching or publishing. Choose OCCC, and you’ll enjoy:

  • Personal attention thanks to small class sizes
  • Learning labs and free tutoring
  • Practical, job-focused college classes
  • A supportive and close-knit college community

Oklahoma City Community College Fast Facts

  • OCCC is the fourth largest college in Oklahoma, serving more than 24,500 students each year.
  • OCCC is a recognized leader in technology education.
  • Each year, OCCC grants nearly 2,000 degrees in more than 80 associate degree programs.
  • OCCC leads in the number of students accepted into the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.
  • OCCC is proud to have an exceptionally high state board pass rate in the Physical Therapist Assistant, Registered Nurse and Occupational Therapy Assistant programs.
  • OCCC brings more than 40 years of educational excellence and affordability to Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.
  • Most OCCC classes feature a faculty-to-student ratio of 1 to 23.
  • OCCC offers 3,600 college classes, including many day, evening, weekend, online and Fast Track classes each year.
  • OCCC students have access to scholarships and financial aid.
  • OCCC’s campus features many learning labs and free tutoring.

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