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Are You Ready? Find out if online classes are right for you!
Are You Ready for Online Courses? 

So…you are thinking about enrolling in an online course.  You have heard about them from other students, maybe your friends, but you are just not quite sure they are for you.  The quiz below is here to help you determine now is the right time to take an online course. 

If the results of this quiz show you now is the time, search courses to find an online course that fits your degree plan. 

If it is not the right time, it does not mean you will never be ready for an online course.  It just means there are too many things going on in your life right now to allow the structure to be successful. 

Keep checking back as you enroll for future semesters if things change and the idea of taking an online class is appealing.  Your results will change as you learn, grow, and your schedule adjusts.  Thank you for taking time to consider OCCC online courses.