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Three Little Words

The Magic of Three Little Words

Most of us have been communicating for quite a while.  We know the art of sharing our thoughts and ideas.  Despite our experiences in communicating, there are some things that are very hard to share.  Some struggle with the words, I love you.  Others may struggle with the words, I'll miss you.  College students often struggle with the words I NEED HELP. 

Everyone needs help at one time or another.  It's very common for college students to ask for help.  It's expected and welcomed.  

Asking for Help is Learning!

Everyone asks for help.  It doesn't mean you aren't college material.  It means that you are taking advantage of every opportunity you have to learn new things while you are going to college.  College is a different place than high school, the workplace, or home.  There are many things about which you can learn and experience at college.  One of things nice about going to college is that it's filled with instructors and staff that care about your success and are eager to help you as you go through your journey at OCCC.  

How Can I Ask for Help?

Students can ask for help in a variety of ways:

  • Tell your instructor - This conversation doesn't have to be during class.  It can be done before or after class, during your instructor's office hours, or via email or phone.  Your instructors are here because they want to help you learn their course information.  Let them know if you are having challenges.  They will be glad to help you!
  • Use the free tutors at OCCC - OCCC has many free sources of help with specific course content. The tutors are available many hours of the week in their specific lab or center.  Follow this link to a complete list of these tutors and where they can be found.
  • Ask your classmates - OCCC is home to a very diverse student population.  Each student has unique experiences and knowledge that few others have.  One of the benefits of being in a class is getting help and learning from those in the class with you.  Ask them for help.  They will likely have questions that you can answer as well.  Your question might result in a study group to help as you prepare for your tests! 

Don't Be Afraid - Ask!

Don't be afraid about not saying things the right way or saying a word wrong.  It's OK!  Just ask the question so you can continue learning and move one step closer to your goal.