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Teacher Resources

This page will serve as a repository for helpful links and documents divided into specific sections to assist your already awesome teaching.

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Date Topic
08.11.2017 Introduction
08.18.2017 Building Rapport
08.25.2017 Student Intake
09.08.2017 Best Lit Test Prep
09.15.2017 Running Dictation
09.22.2017 Coordinator Q&A
09.29.2017 Modeling
10.06.2017 Genre Based Writing
10.18.2017 Fall Break Message
10.27.2017 Headband Game
11.03.2017 TexasTESOL2017
11.10.2017 TexasTESOL Takeaways
11.17.2017 PPP
11.21.2017 Thanksgiving Message
12.01.2017 The First Fifteen
12.08.2017 Holiday Greetings
01.20.2018 In Service Review
02.02.2018 Cell Phone Interview
02.16.2018 Post Test Prep
03.16.2018 Happy Spring Break!
03.30.2018 Greetings from COABE 2018!
04.13.2018 Verbal Tennis
04.27.2018 Sequencing Through Motion

September 2017 Cambridge Univ. Press Training


Cambridge Univ. Press Presentation PowerPoint
Welcome to the Cambridge Learning Management System .pdf
Ventures Website Login & Resource List Word .doc
Ventures Website Directions Word .doc
Ventures Training - References & Resources Word .doc

June 2017 Summer Training


To sign-up for training for Burlington English, email Rady Foster at

Topic Presenter
ESL Lesson Techniques - ppt Nancy Kintsel
Work Categories - ppt Nancy Kintsel
Rooms of the House - ppt Nancy Kintsel
To the Point Impromptus - pdf Viann Baggenstoss
ABE and CareerTech - ppt Jared Bates
Writing for a Purpose - ppt Allison Beecher
Communication in the Classroom - ppt Sajida Shahjahan
Best Literacy through Ventures - ppt Elizabeth Reeve
Interaction & Communication - pdf Center for Applied Linguistics
Running Dictation - pdf Anthony Tyrrell
Reading For Life - Website Free Test Prep Activities


Conference Presentations

Oklahoma ABE State Conference 2019  
Restocking Your ESL Toolkit Powerpoint File
Restocking Your ESL Toolkit Presentation Handout Word File
Onboarding Your ABE Staff Powerpoint File
3-2-1 Chart as Student Self-Assessment PDF File


Oklahoma Department of Libraries Aug 2019  
Ingredients to Build a Successful ESL Program Powerpoint File


OK Works 2018  
Building a Successful ESL Program Powerpoint File
From Better to Best: Empowering and Equipping the Adult ESL Teacher Powerpoint File


OK Works 2017 Neil Sturomski - Metacognitive Resources
Website Summary Good overview of 'Metacognition' including best practice in metacognitive strategies. Thirty-three pages of excellent information that should be used and imbedded in your regular instruction, including how to incorporate Bloom's and practical exambles. Though designed for "kids", many of these activities designed for higher-level-thinking can be used or modified to work with adults. Here are examples of ten team buiilding activities that help oromote cooperation, communication, and team building. Here are some fun activities that can be used in writing, speaking, listening, or communication activities. Free worksheets that support critical thinking, math, science, social studies, etc. Wordplay puzzles and activities. The rebus puzzles provide higher-order thinking skills or metacognitivies activitiy.


Teacher Training Tools

teacher training logo
Topic Title Format
Employee E-mail How to Access Employee E-mail Video
Employee Portal Accessing Portal Video
Sharepoint How to Access Sharepoint PDF
Sheet How to Fill Out Sign-in Sheet Video
Time Sheet Filling Out Time Sheet Video
Aztec Software Aztec Teacher Tutorial Video

reading plus logo

Reading Plus Teacher and Student login link
Reading Plus Skills Coach and downloadable content

  hiset academy logo

HiSET Academy Main link for Teacher and Student logins
HiSET Academy Getting Started Guide

Quick guide to getting started as a teacher.

HiSET Academy Enrolling Students

Video to enroll and activate students

HiSET Academy Blended Learning Model

In-depth text on blended learning:

What is it and how to implement it.

HiSET Academy Orientation Video

Leonard demonstrates your "dashboard" and

how to find student data. Good refresher!

HiSET Academy Viewing Student Progress

AJ's guide on where to find student progress.

HiSET Academy CCRS and LA Lesson Correlation

.pdf of the LA lessons and the CCR Standards.

HiSET Academy Grading Student Responses

While you won't grade student responses, the

HiSET Academy will. This is what they're looking