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Official SAT and ACT Practice Tests
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Critical Thinking on the Web
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12 Study Hacks
The Comprehensive Guide to Better Studying: 53 smart tips for students
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Self Discovery Resources

Learning Styles

A learning style refers to the way we prefer to get information from our environment. Nobody is exclusively one way or another, but many of us do have strong preferences. Understanding this can help us make adjustments if information is presented in a way that is different from our predominant style. 

Learning Styles Inventory by Brett Bixler
Education Planner
Learning to Study
How to Learn
Surf Aquarium

Cognitive Styles

A cognitive style refers to the way we are hard-wired biologically to respond to different kinds of environmental stimuli.  For example, biologically insensitive people need more stimulation in order to feel engaged.  A biologically sensitive person may become easily overwhelmed if there is too much stimulation.  These are important considerations because knowing your style can help you prepare for a class, job, vacation, etc., that may tax your coping skills.

Excel at Life

Personality Assessments

Personality assessments measure aspects of our personalities that help us gain more understanding about how we function in different situation.  These assessments are often a component of career exploration tools and can guide you to a career path and major that are a good fit for your specific strengths.

16 Personalities
Human Metrics
41 Questions
Truity Type Finder
Color Quiz
The Big 5
Personality Testing (An assortment of tests)


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Interview Tips for Jobs and Internships (

ZipRecruiter for OCCC Students

• ZipRecruiter Salary Calculator  
ZipRecruiter Job Market Insights & Resource Hub



American Indian Resources

Resources for American Indian Students
Catching a Dream - Scholarship Opportunities for American Indian Students
Chokka' Kilimpi' - Chickasaw Nation Recruitment and Retention Program