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Registration Services

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There are three steps that must be achieved prior to a student registering for courses here at OCCC. 

  • Be Admitted - In order to enroll in courses, you must first be admitted and received an email (which includes your Student ID Number) from Admissions saying that you have been admitted and there is nothing else needed. If you have questions about the Admission process, please visit Admissions
  • Take Placement Testing - If required, you will be asked to take a Math placement test, a Reading/Writing placement test, or both. Those must be taken before you will be able to enroll into classes.
  • Meet with an Advisor - All first time students to OCCC (either transfer or new) are required to meet with an Student Success Advisor. This is so that they can review your placement scores and/or transcripts in order to get you into the right courses. Schedule an appointment 

Once a student has achieved these three steps, then the student has two options for registering for courses:

  • Enroll on campus at the Registration Area which is located on the First floor of the Main Building (connected to Student Success Advising)
  • Enroll using the Student Planning Software (SPS). Need Assistance?  Watch the Student Planning Software Tutorial.


How to Log in to Student Planning:


How to Register for classes:

Ten Terms to Understand when Online Registering

Degree Plan- A degree plan is an outline of all courses that you will need to complete in order to earn your degree or certificate.

Pre-requisite- A class students are required to complete in preparation for other classes

Co-requisite- A course that can be taken at the same time as another course.

Hold- Something placed on your OCCC account that prevents you from being able to register for classes. Please visit our Registration Holds page to see where to go to remedy the holds on your account.  

Timeline- The Timeline shows you all of the semesters you have planned in the software.

Financial Responsibility Form- This is an online form that needs to be filled out for each semester that a student wants to enroll in.  The form outlines the financial obligations that the student takes on when registering for courses.    

Granted Petition- This means that the course requires permission to enroll in to it.  Typically, this means that the Faculty member teaching the class needs to give permission to enroll. 

Overload- This means that you are attempting too many hours in a given time period and will need to speak to an Student Success Advisor to get approval to register in the amount of hours you are trying to. 

Planned- This means that you have added a section of a class to your calendar schedule in the software but have not completed the registration process.

Register- This means that you have pushed the registration button in the software and you are officially enrolled into the class.


Visit Registration Terminology for more OCCC terms to know.  
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