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Registration Terminology

ADD Dates- The designated date which allows a student to enroll into a course without having to receive permission from the professor of the course and the Dean of the Division. 

Administratively Withdrawn (AW)- When a student does not attend class during the first week.  This absence is noted the student is removed from the roster of the class.  

Audit- Auditing gives students the opportunity to participate in a course without concern for credits or grades.  Students can also re-take a course in which they have already earned credit.  Standard credit hour tuition & fees apply.  Auditing a course will not be paid for through Financial Aid. 

Blue Authorization Form- A form that needs to be signed by the Professor of the course and Dean of the Division which allows for a student to get enrolled into a course for three different reasons 1) override of seat capacity for the course 2) enrollment passed the ADD date 3) prerequisite override

Concurrent Enrollment-  When a junior or senior in high school takes classes at OCCC to earn college credit while still attending high school.  All concurrent enrollment MUST take place in the Office of Recruitment and Admissions.     

Drop/Withdraw- The process by which an enrolled student decides that they no longer want to continue in a course and they take themselves out of it either online or in the Registration Area.  All Drop/Withdraws must fit within the designated OCCC DROP Dates .  If they do not, then a student will not be able to withdraw from the class.

DROP Dates- The designated date(s) associated with the different type of course timelines that allows a student to withdraw from the course either with no charge for the course as well as either with or without a “W” on your transcript.

Enrollment/Registration- The process by which a current and/or future student registers for courses here at OCCC.

Late Enrollment- When a student tries to enroll in a class after the final ADD date has passed.  In order to late enroll, you will need to get Instructor and Dean permission.

Late Withdraw- Students may petition to withdraw after the add/drop or withdrawal deadline if an emergency situation exists. An emergency is defined as an extraordinary and unforeseen event (such as an illness requiring hospitalization, work transfer to another state) that occurred after the add/drop or withdrawal deadline and/or prevented the student from withdrawing by the deadline. To be considered for an Emergency Drop/Late Withdrawal the student must submit a written appeal (forms available in the Office of Records) along with support documentation to the Office of Records. The appeal will be reviewed by a committee and the committee’s decision will be final. The appeal must be filed within 90 days of the end of the semester in question.

Registration Form- A form (aka purple form) that is used in Academic Advising and the Registration Area that shows what courses the Advisors suggests you take as well as what sections you are registered for.  It requires a student signature on the form. 

Student Planning- A computer software system that was implemented to make understanding your degree plan as well as the registration process easier.

Wait List- If a class is full, you can choose to add yourself to the waitlist. If a spot becomes available for you, you will have 24 hours to register yourself into the class or the reservation moves to the next student on the waitlist or to the public.

Withdraw Form- A form (aka pink form) that is used in Academic Advising and the Registration Area that records what course you are withdrawing from.  It requires a student signature on the form.