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Student IDs & Parking Decals

Student IDs

All students enrolled in credit classes at OCCC must have an OCCC photo identification (ID) card.  ID cards are free for new students.  New students can obtain an OCCC ID card at the Front Counter located in the Records and Registration Services office.

To obtain a student ID you must be enrolled.  

Students must also bring an existing photo ID with one's current name and picture; this could include a state-issued photo ID, a military photo ID, a high school photo ID, etc.  

OCCC student ID cards are required for admittance to the Test Center, the Academic Support Labs, the Library, and other student facilities and activities.

The OCCC ID card is a permanent card. If it is lost, stolen, or intentionally damaged, there will be a $10 replacement charge.

The card takes about 5 minutes to produce on an average day. During heavy enrollment (especially in January and August), expect longer waiting periods.

Parking Decals

Parking is free at OCCC; however, all vehicles must have an Oklahoma City Community College parking permit/decal. Students can obtain a parking decal at the Records Counter in the Main Building.  To get a parking decal, students must provide their current license plate number.

Reserved parking areas are set aside for faculty/staff, disabled students and visitors to the College. Special parking permits for vehicles transporting permanently or temporarily disabled persons may be obtained from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.  People who park in "no parking" areas, such as fire lanes, are subject to having their vehicles towed at the owner's expense. Vehicles and/or equipment left on campus for three days or longer without written consent of the Coordinator of Campus Police will also be removed at the owner's expense.

Parking Information for Individuals with Disabilities

Oklahoma City Community College has reserved parking for individuals with disabilities. These reserved parking spaces are located near accessible entrances and are indicated by signage displaying the International Symbol of Access.

Individuals needing to park in reserved parking must display a regular College parking permit and the state-issued disability parking permit. The parking permit can be obtained at the Disability Parking Certificate Desk at the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (contact information below).

This office may be contacted at the following location:

Oklahoma Department of Public Safety
3600 Martin Luther King Boulevard
Building 1
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Telephone Number: (405) 425-2290
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday