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Reading Course Codes


  HIST   -    1493 -    TR01S

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 Subject Category  Course Number  Section Number


Subject Category:

The subject category is a 2-5 letter abbreviation for the subject.

Course Number:

The course number is a 4 number code the distinguishes the courses from each other. The last number in the course number represents the number of credit hours a course it.

Section Number:

The course section number is a 5 digital code that distinguishes each course apart from the other courses being offered that semester.

How to read a Section Number:

The first spot is a letter. This letter represents the entry point for the course:

 E= Early 8 week or Early 4 week (for summer)
 M= Mid/Late 8 week or 4 week (for summer)
 F=A course held on 5 consecutive Saturdays, 3 fast track sessions are held each Fall and Spring term.
 T=Traditional 8 week summer term of 16 week fall or spring item.
 I= Intercession, Classes that meet between regularly scheduled semesters

The second spot will contain a letter. This letter represents what type of course it will be:

C= A face to face course in which computers will be used at least 50% during the course meeting time.

R= Face to face courses meeting in a traditional classroom setting

T= Courses taught at a technology center

H= Concurrent course taught at a High School

W= A class is 100% online, including testing.

X= Online course, with proctored exams.

D= Hybrid course offered partially online and partially face to face.

B= Courses grouped together in convenient blocks of time, requiring enrollment in all courses within a specific block.

P= Courses paired together in convenient blocks of time, requiring enrollment in all courses within a specific pair.

The third and fourth spots will be numbers. These numbers are used to delineate course sections with similar entry points, types and terms.

The last spot will be a letter. This letter represents the term of the course:

F= Fall

S= Spring

U= Summer