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Crime Prevention and Personal Safety


Calling (405) 682-7872 during an emergency will contact the Campus Police Dispatcher.  Whether there is a medical, fire, or law enforcement emergency, calling (405) 682-7872 will get you the fastest response time.  (It is advised that students, faculty, and staff save this number in their mobile phone).  Campus Police will inform fire or medical personnel of the exact location of your emergency, as well as escort them to the location. 

Other methods to contact the Campus Police Department in the event of an emergency include:

  • Dialing extension 7747 or press the Emergency Button on any college telephone
  • Accessing a dial-direct emergency call box (located inside most major entries)
  • Dialing 911 from any college telephone
  • Utilizing an emergency Call Box located in all parking areas

Motorists Assists

When calling or coming in to the Campus Police Department for a vehicle unlock or jumpstart, please make sure you have proof of valid auto insurance and a valid driver's license. Officers will not unlock or jumpstart a vehicle without them.


During the busy first weeks of the semester, no backpacks, bags, or other personal items, with the exception of wallets and purses, will be allowed into the bookstore.  Items must be left with OCCC attendants posted at the bookstore entrance.  During all other times of the school year, all items can be taken into the bookstore.  Items should never be left outside the bookstore when there are not attendants present. 

Testing Center

When visiting the testing center, please lock all your valuables in the provided lockers and take the key with you.

Wellness Center

When utilizing the Wellness Center, always place your valuables in a locker with lock placed on the locker.

Lost Items

If you are missing an item that you believe may have been either misplaced or stolen, please report it to the Campus Police Department immediately.  Reporting lost items immediately will drastically increase the chances of your item being recovered. When coming in to the Campus Police Department to retrieve a lost item, please make sure you have an OCCC or photo ID with you. If you are not on campus and need to inquire about a lost item please call (405) 682-1611 NOT the Campus Police number (405) 682-7872

Found Items

If you find a lost item, please take it directly to the Campus Police Department so that it can be logged into the Lost and Found.  If you do not have time to take the item to the Campus Police Department yourself, please turn it into the nearest OCCC employee, who will then turn it into the Campus Police Department.  Never take a found item to class with you or leave the campus with the item, even if your intentions are to turn it in later or return it to the owner yourself.

Parking Lots 

Never leave valuables in plain sight in your vehicle.  A purse, wallet, or backpack may be tempting to a would be thief.  If you cannot take valuables with you, always put them where they cannot be seen, and always lock your vehicle.

A comprehensive list of Campus Crime Prevention and Personal Safety Tips presented by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators can be found here:

Campus Crime Prevention and Personal Safety Tips

Student Support Services 

OCCC Student Support Services offers many services, including counseling and mental health screening.  They also have an index of Community Services to assist you in a wide array of topics, such as health services and victim assistance.

Offender search located here:

Oklahoma Sex and Violent Crime Offender Registry

If you have been the victim of a crime, you can learn about your rights and get assistance here:

Oklahoma Victim's Bill of Rights

Safeline Victim Services