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Sponsored by an OCCC Student Success Grant

OCCC Multicultural is a new and exciting resource for instructors, staff, and students in all disciplines.

OCCC Multicultural is a virtual library with a wide variety of links to magazine articles, videos, websites, audio casts, and full-length web books.

The information contained on this site is intended to be used and shared as instructors, staff, and students discover new techniques and methods to interact and continue to improve their successes with our diverse, multicultural, and international student population on campus.

Whether instructors have been in the classroom for 25 years or are new to OCCC, through observation it is evident that OCCC is an amazing college that thrives on multiculturalism.

Instructors, staff, and students new to the term multiculturalism can think of multiculturalism as recognizing and catering to the unique personal and social backgrounds that make the learning experience different for all students and makes the college environment so exciting. Multiculturalism is much bigger than diversity, much bigger than ethnicity, and much bigger than culture. Multiculturalism is what makes each of us unique and different from the person next to us.

However, being a faculty member or staff member can sometimes be challenging if one has not had much experience working with multicultural students. Additionally, being a student from a different learning experience than OCCC or from a different country can be a challenge. That is why OCCC Multicultural was developed, to assist all of us to continue to grow and create new success stories for all at OCCC.

Enjoy OCCC Multicultural and happy learning!

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