Testing Procedures

1. Students who qualify for testing accommodations are responsible for discussing them with you (the instructor) prior to the test.

2. Generally, testing is done in the classroom or Test Center (TC) unless special arrangements are required which involve testing within Student Support Services (SSS) office.

3. Tests that are administered in either the TC or SSS Office will need to be brought down to the TC prior to the scheduled testing time.

4. Tests administered in the SSS office will be returned to the TC the day the test is scheduled to be taken.

5.  If you need assistance with making required accommodations to your tests, please contact the Coordinator of Disability Services.

6.  Please note any special directions or allowances on the test.

7.  The Student Support Services office will notify you if books or notes are used during the test or if academic dishonesty is suspected.


If you have questions or concerns about these procedures or student accommodations, please contact 682-7520.