Protection for Faculty

If a student reveals to you at anytime that they have a disability and that they need an accommodation, you should refer them to SSS office. If an accommodation is appropriate the student will deliver a notice of accommodation prepared by the advisor to student with disabilities. The accommodation is not retroactive, but becomes only applicable from that point in time you receive the notification form.

The accommodations outlined in the letter are determined by the advisor in SSS based on the student's specific disability, documentation prepared by a professional(s) in the appropriate field, and previous education history. These accommodations have been deemed reasonable and necessary in order to promote equal access to the college for students with disabilities.

It is critical that no other accommodations be offered to the student without contacting the advisor to determine if it is deemed appropriate in light of the functional impact of the particular disability.

Contacting the Office will protect you from acting "on behalf" of the College. The Disability Office is the only approved entity to verify a disability and determine an accommodation. Any approved changes will be noted in the student file.