Procedure for Emergency Evacuation of
Persons with Disabilities

During an evacuation process, faculty members have a primary responsibility to assist students under their care, including students with disabilities.

  1. College faculty/staff members, who have individuals in their class, activity, event, or work/office area with mobility disabilities who need assistance to safely evacuate the building from the first floor of any college facility, should provide assistance to the individuals(s) by escorting them to the nearest exit.

  2. The faculty and/or staff members(s), having a person(s) with mobility disabilities needing to safely evacuate from the upper floors of the library or the upper floors of the Main or Arts & Humanities buildings, shall place the person(s) needing assistance on the landing, inside the nearest fire stairwell, in such a manner as to permit other persons using the fire stairwell to exit unimpeded from the building. The fire stairwells have been designated by the Fire Marshall as an area of safer refuge. Emergency phones are located outside the door of these designated emergency stairwells to notify emergency personnel. Each stairwell will be marked by appropriate signage.

  3. Fire stairwell locations are listed below:

    • Main Building: (located in the corners of the building) per the following areas:
      Second Floor Areas Third Floor Areas
      2-R-1 3-M-8
      2-R-6 3-P-1
      2-L-8 3-K-0
    • Arts and Humanities (at the end of each hallway) per the following areas:
      Second Floor Areas Third Floor Areas
      2-E-0 3-E-0
      2-E-5 3-E-5
    • Library Library stairwell exits

    Located at each of the above fire stairwells, there is a College Emergency telephone that may be utilized to communicate with the office of Campus Police (7747).

  4. The faculty and/or staff member(s) are asked to use the College Emergency call boxes at each stairwell to communicate w/the Office of Campus Police the location of the person needing their assistance. After a verbal call box response from the Campus Police, the faculty/staff member(s) may leave the building.

  5. College Security personnel and personnel from responding emergency agencies will provide safe departure, for persons needing assistance from the fire stairwell landing (and from other areas of the buildings) to the exterior of the College facility.

  6. Ensure a student with a visual impairment is escorted to the exit or safe refuge.

  7. Direct a student with a hearing loss with gestures to an exit if no interpreter is present.