Tuition Waiver and Awarding Process

Tuition waivers (TW) may be awarded to students of Oklahoma City Community College based on either financial need or academic achievement, talent or a combination of these criteria.

Waivers are generally awarded on a semester basis but may be awarded for an academic year (Fall/Spring).

Waivers based on academic achievement may be awarded by the president of the college, vice-presidents, the various divisions of the college and the Office of Recruitment and Admissions.

Need-based waivers are awarded by the Financial Aid Office.

Waivers awarded by the academic divisions are based on an application available from the Financial Aid Office during a predetermined schedule for each semester. The process for applying, awarding and posting waivers is announced in the student newspaper (Pioneer) each semester and generally follows the schedule below. Specific dates will be announced in the Pioneer.

Fall Applications

Fall Semester Only Deadline July 20th by 5:00 p.m.

Spring Applications

Spring Semester Only Deadline November 20th by 5:00 p.m

Summer Applications

Summer Semester Deadline April 20th by 5:00 p.m.

Continuing students must maintain a minimum of a 2.00 cumulative GPA to qualify for a TW (academic, need or talent).

Need-based waivers are determined by the Financial Aid Office and are awarded to Federal Financial Aid applicants. These waivers are awarded at the same time other assistance is awarded to financially assisted students.

Waivers at OCCC are generally available only to Oklahoma residents who are enrolled at least half-time.

The Financial Aid Office is responsible for monitoring student eligibility for most waivers. Enrollment is monitored after the schedule adjustment period each semester as is grade point average. Those students not meeting eligibility criteria will have the waiver cancelled.

Waivers are credited to the student's account in the number of hours awarded and for tuition only.

Students generally only receive a waiver from one source in any given semester.

Those students who receive tuition payment by an agency for the full amount of tuition will have the Tuition Fee Waiver canceled.

Tuition Fee Waivers do not translate into cash to a student in terms of a refund unless the student has paid their charges before a waiver is credited.

Individuals who have additional questions concerning Tuition Fee Waivers may contact the Financial Aid Office at 682-7525.