Oklahoma's Promise (OHLAP)

The Oklahoma's Promise scholarship provides all or part of tuition expenses for students who complete the program's requirements while in high school. The scholarship can be used at accredited public and private colleges and at certain public career technology centers. Student enrolled in the eighth, ninth, or tenth grade, whose fmaily income does not exceed $50,000 may enroll in the program. For additional information, please call 800.858.1840 or visit www.okhighered.or/okpromise.

Oklahoma's Promise Award Process at OCCC

  • OCCC Finanical Aid Office will determine the eligibility of all enrolled students each semester. If a student feels they are eligible to receive the Oklahoma's Promise scholarship and have not been awarded the scholarship by the first day of classes, they are respoinsible for providing their social security number and a copy of their class schedule to the Financial Aid Office.
  • The Oklahoma's Promise award is calculated based on resident tuition only. There are no limits on the number of hours that the schoarship will pay for each semester. Student will receive the current tuition rate for the academic year.
  • After July 1, 2014, OCCC will not longer provide a scholarship to pay mandatory fees.
  • Oklahoma's Promise is a cash scholarship. It does not have to be applied to tuition if the student has tuition only scholarships. The Oklahoma's Promise scholarship can be used with other forms of financial aid.
  • Oklahoma's Promise will be used as a financial aid resource and will be applied to a student's cost of attendance. If a student's financial aid awards exceed their cost of attendance, OCCC is required to reduce one or more financia aid awards. Students will be notified via their OCCC student email account if their Oklahoma's Promise tuition scholarship is reduced.
  • At the end of the drop and add period of each semester, OCCC will adjust the student's Oklahoma's Promise award based on the current number of credit hours the student is enrolled in and submit a billing invoice to the Oklahma's Promise office.
  • Once OCCC receives Oklahoma's Promise funds, payments will be applied to the student's account to pay any outstanding balance. If no balance is owed, the student will be issued a refund by the Bursar's Office.
  • OCCC Financial Aid encourages all students to enroll in classes before the first day of each semester to ensure they receive Oklahoma's Promise funds on the first disbursement.
  • Students who enrolled in classes prior to the first day of each semester can expect to receive their Oklahoma's Promise funds by the following dates:
    • 2014 Fall : October 31, 2014
    • 2015 Spring : March 31, 2015
    • 2015 Summer: July 31, 2015

To review Oklahoma's Promise eligibility requirements, please visit www.occc.edu/FinancialAid/FactSheets.html.