Oklahoma'S Promise (OHLAP)

Oklahoma's Promise (OHLAP) provides scholarship equivalent to all or part of tuition expenses for students who complete the programs requirements while in high school. The scholarship can be used at accredited public and private colleges and for certain programs/courses offered at public career technology centers. Students enrolled in the eight, ninth and tenth grade, whose family income does not exceed $50,000, may enroll in the program. For additional information contact the Oklahoma's Promise (OHLAP), Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, PO Box 108850, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73101-8850, 800.858.1840 email: promise@osrhe.edu The following steps occur in order to receive the Oklahoma's Promise scholarship.

  • Only students certified by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE) as having completed the high school requirements are eligible for the Oklahoma's Promise.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to notify the institutions financial aid office that he/she is eligible for the Oklahoma's Promise scholarship. This can be done by providing the financial aid office with a copy of the students schedule for every semester enrolled.
  • Students must begin postsecondary education within three years of graduating from high school. The scholarship is good for 5 years or a bachelor degree is received which ever comes first.
  • Oklahoma's Promise students must meet the regular admissions requirement of the college. Oklahoma's Promise students are encouraged to apply for financial aid at the college.
  • Oklahoma's Promise scholarship will NOT be available the first summer college semester immediately following high school graduation.
  • Oklahoma's Promise students must maintain good academic standing in college to remain eligible. 
  • The Oklahoma's Promise award is calculated on the resident tuition cost only. There are no limits on the number of hours that OHLAP will pay per semester. It does not pay fees just tuition.
  • OCCC will provide a scholarship to pay the mandatory fees.
  • Oklahoma's Promise is a cash scholarship, however it does not have to be applied to tuition if the student has a tuition only scholarship or waiver. OHLAP can be used with other forms of financial aid.
  • Oklahoma's Promise will be used as a resource and applied to a student's cost of attendance
  • Billing of Oklahoma's Promise will occur at the end of the add/drop period. This is normally at the end of the second week of any standard 16 week. The OCCC Oklahoma's Promise Financial Aid Advisor will determine the number of hours that the student is enrolled and submit a billing invoice to the Oklahoma State Regents (OHLAP). After funds are received from the Oklahoma's Promise office, payments are applied to student accounts. The funds will be applied to any outstanding balances. In the case no balance is owed the student will be issued a refund by the Bursar Office consistent with your selected refund preference at HigherOne.