Federal Work Study

Earn Part of Your College Costs

The Federal Work Study Program is designed to enable students who demonstrate financial “need” (as defined by federal guidelines) to earn wages to help pay for college attendance. After other aid (grants, waivers, scholarships, subsidized loans) you will be offered work-study funds at OCCC. Most work study positions are on campus in various College departments. These positions enable students to develop or enhance work experience in a variety of positions. Some of the work study positions allow for direct service to the general public and Oklahoma City Community College students.

Typical positions include the following:

  • Receptionist
  • Clerk
  • Tutor
  • Library Circulation Clerk
  • Wellness Center Attendant
  • Laboratory Attendant
  • Student Services Assistant

Beginning wages are $8.40 per hour. If you work for the equivalent of an academic year (two long semesters) and return for a second year you receive an increase in hourly wage rate. Wage rates may vary depending on annual available funds. Students employed in a work-study position must complete an online time sheet, approved by your work supervisor, for each payroll period and are paid bi-weekly.

Steps involved in applying for Federal Work Study include the following.

Step 1:  File for Federal Student Financial Assistance by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( FAFSA) online at www.fafsa.gov.

Step 2:  Early application is important in order to be considered for work study funds before all funds are committed.

Step 3:  Submit all required documents to Financial Aid to complete your application file.

Step 4:  If you receive an offer of work-study funds, you must officially accept the offer by coming to the Financial Aid Office to request an Authorization to Work.

Step 5:  Financial Aid will prepare a Federal Work Study Authorization form which you will take to Graduation, Employment, and Tranfer Services (GET office)  for routing to the Human Resources Department of the College.

Step 6:  The GET office will assist students, if needed, on how to search for avaialbe federal work study positions. Student's can search for jobs at www.occcjobs.com.  

Step 7:  Applications will be reviewed by the hiring department and students will be contacted for an interview.

Step 8:  If you are selected, the department will complete necessary forms to enable you to begin work.

Step 9: Background Check: Students who apply for FWS positions will be given instructions through their college e-mail address for procedures to follow to initiate a background check. Results of the background check will be forwarded to the Human Resources Department.

Step 10:  Continued eligibility and departmental authorization to work must be evaluated and processed each semester.


Most work-study students work 10-15 hours per week. The total number of hours you may work will be limited by the total work-study dollars you have been awarded and the needs and available funds of the hiring department. Your award will be divided into equal Fall and Spring amounts. Continued employment will depend on funds available, your performance on the job, and Satisfactory Academic progress, as defined by Financial Aid standards for academic progress.

Off-Campus Work Study Opportunities in Community Service

Each year, a limited number of off-campus public and/or private non-profit organizations offer opportunities for students eligible for Federal Work Study to work in off-campus tutoring and other community service positions. If you are interested in off-campus positions in non-profit organizations, please check with the Financial Aid Office.