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Services and Policies


  • Access to Microsoft Office Software
  • Free Writing Tutoring
  • Computer and Printer Access
  • Writing Workshops
  • Online Writing Assistance 


The Writing Center will:

  • Assist currently enrolled students with reading or writing assignments
  • Offer suggestions for improving a paper
  • Offer exercises to help improve skills
  • Assist students with basic use of a computer
  • Provide a comfortable place to study
  • Give priority of lab space to classes
  • Provide assistance to students on a first-come first-serve basis
  • Model the writing process through effective inventing, organizing, drafting, and revising skills
  • Expect students needing help with revision to print their essays before the tutoring session
  • Expect students to take notes during the tutoring session and be engaged in the tutoring process

The Writing Center will not:

  • Assume responsibility for how well or how poorly a student applies the suggestions offered
  • Guarantee that assignments done with lab assistance will meet the requirements of the professor
  • Assume responsibility for a student's work
  • Take responsibility for unsaved files lost during a computer error or outage
  • Provide more than basic computer computer troubleshooting on lab computers or on personal devices
  • Teach students course work taught in class
  • Serve as a substitute for those who choose not to attend class
  • Provide undivided attention, especially when the lab is busy
  • Determine the grade or accept responsibility for the grade a student earns
  • Tell students what to write or how to express their ideas
  • Complete a graded assignment for a student, such as a peer review sheet
  • Take appointments for tutoring sessions
  • Provide paper, pens, pencils, correction fluid, cassette tapes, or flash drives