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Civic Honors

The Civic Honors Program at OCCC recognizes students who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to both civic involvement and personal life skill development.


  1. Meet with Student Life staff for an initial interview and Civic Honors introduction.
  2. Complete and document at least fifty hours of service at an approved agency.
  3. Write a five page reflection paper reviewing the service experience.
  4. Submit a final portfolio containing the following items:
    • Current Resume
    • Personal Vision Statement
    • Personal and Professional Goals
    • Academic Transcript
    • Reflection Paper
    • Signed time sheets and official Student Activities and Recognition Transcript verifying the completion of the required number of service hours.
    • Signed attendance sheets for the required mentor sessions.
  5. Arrange a final review appointment for members of the Student Life staff for an interview, assessment of your portfolio, and approval of Civic Honors completion.

If you are interested in enrolling in Civic honors, contact the Office of Student Life at (405) 682-7523.