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León Biriotti

León Biriotti

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León BIRIOTTI, oboist, conductor, and composer was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1929. He has been first oboist and conductor of symphonic and chamber orchestras, as well as a member of different chamber groups, in Montevideo. In his long career, the multi-talented Uruguayan musician has made an indelible mark on the flourishing musical culture of Latin America. León Biriotti has premiered a considerable number of new compositions, mostly written expressly for him, with oboe concertos featuring strongly among them. The composers of these works include: Mastrogiovanni, Tosar, Fourchoila, Pinto Fonseca, Grela, Rivero, Legrand, Ribelto, Ilunlberry, Pollegrino, etc. Latin American music naturally occupies a privileged position in Biriotti's extensive repertoire and he has worked in close co-operation with composers of his home locality. Biriotti has also premiered works by European composers from Spain, France, Britian, Denmark and Finland. Biriotti has toured North America and Europe giving concerts, especially during the 1980s. In addition to appearances in Naples, Salzburg, Lisbon, Nice, and Prague, he has also performed in London with the Lontano Ensemble.

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