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OCCC’S Student Support Services Program Receives New Funding

Program provides mentorship and support for underrepresented students

    (Published: 08-11-20)


Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) announced today that its Student Support Services – a program that is part of the national TRIO organization – has received a funding renewal from the federal government for an additional five years. The program focuses on helping first-generation, low-income, disabled and underrepresented students successfully attend and complete college at OCCC, and transfer to four-year institutions or join the workforce. Academic advising and coaching, one-on-one tutoring services, social and cultural enrichment activities and events, and connections to other colleges are vital to the success of many students at OCCC.

“If it wasn’t for TRIO’s Student Support Services, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” said Crystal Mohamed, Director of TRIO’s grant programs, which also includes Upward Bound.  “When you hear ‘TRIO Works,’ [the program’s tagline] you know it’s true.”


All of TRIO’s services are heavily utilized on the campus of OCCC, and demand is expected to increase as COVID-19 creates new accessibility and accountability issues for all students, but particularly the students whom the program serves. Student Support Services will continue to offer their services by phone, email and over Zoom, and they have secured appropriate permissions to conduct many of its services, like one-on-one tutoring and mentoring, in person when students need it. Students seeking these services should visit or call 405.682.7865.

“We must meet our students where they are and help them to where they will go next,” said OCCC President Jerry Steward. “TRIO’s Student Support Services does this extraordinarily well.”

Oklahoma City Community College enrolls over 17,000 students annually. Thousands more are served in non-credit classes and programs. The college has more than 60 fields of study and offers associate degrees, certifications and leadership opportunities.

For more information and opportunities, visit , and follow @OtripleC on social media for the latest updates and announcements.