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Using MyWay

Once you know a couple of tricks with this system, it's pretty easy to use. Since most people will be on the main campus, we'll use it as an example. Let's start by viewing the main campus map.

OCCC Main Campus

Not too helpful, is it? So let's see some of the floorplans for the buildings.

Do you see this in the upper left-hand corner of the screen? Floor navigation

Click, or tap, on the up arrow. You should now see the floorplans for the first floor of each building.

OCCC Main Campus 1st Floor

Using that floor controller, you can move up and down from floor to floor. But it sure would be nice to zoom in a bit.

Now, let me point out the zoom controls. Zoom

Clicking, or tapping, on this will allow you to zoom in (the + button) or zoom out (the - button). Let's zoom in once.

OCCC Main Campus zoom view

If this is not the part of the campus you want to look at, use your mouse or finger to drag the image until you see what you're looking for.

We hope these instructions help you use what we think is a very useful tool for getting around our campus!