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Tech Fab Lab

The mission of the Tech Fab brings industry and academia together to fabricate solutions of the future while fostering entrepreneurial skills.

Inside the Tech Fab Lab at OCCC Images of the Tech Fab Lab at OCCC

About Tech Fab

Tech Fab is a collaborative learning space that facilitates learning through the use of manufacturing and fabrication technologies using computer-aided design/drafting (CAD) technologies.

The lab is available to OCCC Students as well as the public of the Oklahoma City Metro Area.

Tech Fab is equipped with 3D printers, CNC Machine, Laser Cutter and more to enable participants to create real prototypes of their computer-generated designs.

Hours of Operation

Tech Fab lab is open Monday and Wednesday from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Participants must schedule an appointment with Tech Fab Supervisor, Gary Dominguez at 405.682.7208 or

Register NOW to use the OCCC Tech Fab Lab

Images of the Tech Fab Lab at OCCC Images of the Tech Fab Lab at OCCC
Policies and Procedures

1. All participants should contact Tech Fab Supervisor, Gary Dominguez at 405.682.7208 or to schedule their appointment.

2. Participants will go online to register and provide payment ($25) per visit/use.

3. All Tech Fab participants must abide by the posted hours of operation.

4. All Tech Fab participants must show valid State Issued ID or OCCC Student ID to access the labs.

5. All participants must sign in with the Business and Information Technology Division Office located in the Keith Leftwich Memorial Library - LIB 324.

6. Participants will check in with Tech Fab Supervisor, Gary Dominguez prior to entering the lab.

7. All participants will sign waiver stating they have completed the Basic Safety orientation.

8. All Tech Fab participants will abide by OCCC Health and Safety policies and procedures.

9. Tech Fab participants will wear the appropriate personal protective equipment required by OCCC Policy (eye protection, gloves, ear protection, no open-toe shoes, etc.)

10. Participants should only bring “Staff Approved” materials, supplies and consumables required to produce a prototype or mockup.

11. Participants will adhere to their allotted time slot to allow equitable use of Tech Fab equipment among students and patrons.