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Student Computer Center Rules

The Student Computer Center will:

  • Assist currently enrolled students with OCCC classwork
  • Offer assistance with hardware/software problems.
  • Provide a comfortable place to work.
  • Assist students who attend class and get instructions from their professors.
  • Provide equipment and resource materials as available for use in the lab.

The Student Computer Center will NOT:

  • Teach students course work taught in class.
  • Serve as a substitute for those who choose not to attend class.
  • Provide undivided attention, especially when the lab is busy.
  • Determine the grade or accept responsibility for the grade a student earns.
  • Guarantee that assignments done with lab assistance will meet the requirements of the professor.
  • Assume responsibility for a student's work


  • Students must sign in and out, and if asked must show their current OCCC student ID.
  • Students should review all material (i.e. textbook, handouts, and Lab Sheets) prior to coming into the lab.
  • Lab assistants are provided to assist you with hardware, general computer operations and basic software/programming functions. (i.e. saving, quitting, printing, plotting, backing up disks, etc.).
  • Students are expected to use their books, reference manuals, class notes and built-in help functions.
  • Students should also consult their instructors for assistance.
  • Students should exit all programs and return to the Windows Desktop before leaving the computer.
  • Students should inform their instructor if any module does not work as described in the class materials.


Due to the limited number of computers in this lab, the following restrictions will be enforced.

  • Students who will be leaving a computer unattended for 10 minutes or more must notify the lab staff. If the lab staff has NOT been notified and other students are waiting for a computer, personal items that are left at the unattended computer will be moved by the campus security to a secure area.
  • Students are not allowed to bring food & drinks into the lab.
  • Children are not allowed in the lab.
  • The telephone is for faculty and staff use only. Students may receive emergency calls.
  • Cell phone usage is permitted, but must be set on silent or vibrate, and must be used at an appropriatevolume for a study environment.
  • Students are not allowed to install or use any outside software in the lab. This includes: AOL Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ or any messenger/chat software
  • Students may not change, modify, or update computer configurations unless authorized by an instructor or lab staff. (i.e. screen savers, wallpapers, printers, network properties, screen properties, etc.).
  • Students are not allowed to move, change, or replace any computer peripheral.
  • Copying, softlifting, (stealing) of software is prohibited, and students caught will be reported to campus security.
  • Students are not allowed to use the lab resources or printers for personal use. If you are using the lab then you must be working on OCCC classwork.

Students should conduct themselves as professionals while in the lab; profanity, verbal abuse, and all forms of dishonesty will not be tolerated in the lab. Violations will be reported to the Office of Student Life as a student conduct code violation (Refer to Student Handbook -- Student Conduct and Appeals)

Who can use the Student Computer Center?

  • Any OCCC student currently enrolled in any class.
  • Any OCCC faculty and staff.