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CLEP Examinations

College-Level Examination Program?


CLEP is a series of examinations that allow individuals to earn college credit for what they know, regardless of where they learned it. CLEP is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program in the United States.

CLEP exams are all 90 minutes long and are now administered only on computer. Students receive an instant unofficial score report following completion of the exam. The exams are composed of multiple-choice questions. The Freshman Composition with Essay exam consists of a 90-minute multiple-choice section and a 90-minute essay section.

How to study for the CLEP

Visit for exam info and to purchase study guides.

Links: Free study guides



Review the information below.  If you have additional questions please visit Testing and Assessment Services or call 405-682-7531. For more information on the content and format of any of the CLEP exams, please visit


The College Board cost per exam is $80 per test and must be paid through the College Board website. There is an additional $15 administration fee that is paid to OCCC.   The $15 adminitration fee can be paid online through CASHNET 

Students taking CLEP Tests should register with College Board for a specific test BEFORE paying the $15 administration fee or contacting OCCC Testing and Assessment to make as appointment to take the test.

Payment does not reserve a seat for any specific test date. Please contact the Testing and Assessment Office at 405-682-7531 or email to register for a specific test date.

All students taking the CLEP Test must present a photo ID and their CLEP Admissions Ticket for admission to the test. Acceptable ID’s must be original, current (valid) IDs issued by a city/state/federal government agency. The photo must be clearly recognizable as you and the ID must have your signature.

Twelve credit hours must be completed and earned at OKCCC prior to CLEP exams being entered on transcript and used toward your degree.

Pass any of these 90-minute CLEP Examinations and show how much you really know!

Examination Credits Course Equivalent
Financial Accounting 3 hours ACCT 2113
Business Law, Intro. to 3 hours BUS 2073
Information Systems & Computer Applications 3 hours CS 1103
Management, Principles of 3 hours MGMT 2053
Marketing, Principles of 3 hours MKT 2043
Composition & Literature
American Literature 6 hours ENGL 2773 & 2883
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature 3 hours ENGL 2123
English Literature 6 hours ENGL 2543 & 2653
College Composition 3 hours ENGL 1113

College Composition Modular

        Score of 54 + Essay

3 hours ENGL 1113
        Score of 58 + Essay 6 hours ENGL 1113 & 1213
Foreign Languages
French, Level 1 10 hours FREN 1115 & 1225
French, Level 2 6 hours FREN 2113 & 2223
German, Level 1 10 hours GER 1115 & 1225
German, Level 2 6 hours GER 2113 & 2223
Spanish, Level 1 10 hours SPAN 1115 & 1225
Spanish, Level 2 6 hours SPAN 2113 & 2223
History & Social Sciences
American Government 3 hours POLSC 1113
Human Growth & Dev. 3 hours PSY 2403
Macroeconomics 3 hours ECON 2143
Microeconomics 3 hours ECON 2123
Psychology, Intro. 3 hours PSY 1113
Sociology, Intro. 3 hours SOC 1113
United States History I: 3 hours HIST 1483
United States History II: 3 hours HIST 1493
Western Civ. I: Ancient 3 hours HIST 1613
Western Civilization II: 3 hours HIST 1623
Humanities 3 hours HUM 2003
Social Science & History 3 hours HIST 1003
Science & Mathematics
College Algebra 3 hours MATH 1513
College Mathematics 3 hours MATH 1503
Precalculus 6 hours MATH 1533 & 1613
Biology 4 hours BIO 1114
Calculus w/Elem. Functions 3 hours MATH 2104
Chemistry 10 hours CHEM 1115 & 1215