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What does it mean to be a College student with a disability?

Recognizing that a disability and its manifestation and impact is as individual as the individuals themselves, these link categories are for the purposes providing information in a general way.

Learning Disabled /LD

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A person with a learning disability often displays a large discrepancy between what they are able to achieve and what they are actually accomplishing.

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Attention Deficit Disorder/ ADD

Those with Attention Deficit Disorder are significantly more distracted by sights, sounds and thoughts than persons without the disorder.

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Blind/Low Vision Examples of Vision Problems

Braille is not always the choice of persons who are blind, sometimes enlarging the print is sufficient. Also computer software is available that will read aloud digitized text.

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Deaf and hard of hearing   Hearing Loss Example

Hearing loss is quantifiable, but there is no single solution or correction.

Hearing aids do not "fix" a hearing loss and at best, only 30% of a spoken message can be understood through lipreading. Those with a hearing loss may or may not choose to use sign language.


Psychological disorders can often be linked to a biological disorder. These students can't "just snap out of it" and are frequently on stabilizing medication. Contrary to some beliefs, are not prone to violence any more than a student without this disorder.