Psychiatric Disabilities Documentation Guidelines:

Note : Guidelines are to assist the Student Support Services in collaborating with each student to determine appropriate accommodations. Documentation serves as a foundation for appropriate accommodations. The Student Support Services reserves the right to deny services or accommodations while receipt of appropriate documentation is pending. A student's Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) alone is not sufficient documentation.

  • Must be completed by a qualified professional. (Qualified professionals include: a licensed psychiatrist, psychologist or professional counselor who has experience diagnosing this condition).

  • Should be prepared on letterhead paper from the diagnosing professional (Licensure information, when appropriate, and address and phone number need to be included).

  • A specific diagnosis (DSM-IV) and the date of the diagnosis.

  • List of instruments/procedures that were used to diagnose the disorder and all scores to support the diagnosis.

  • Impact of medication on the students learning (side effect of medication).

  • Prognosis for therapeutic interventions.

  • Include any other information relevant to this student's academic needs.

  • A summary or conclusion needs to explain the current functional impact or limitations of the disability on learning or other major life activity associated with the college learning environment. The report should include sufficient data to support any particular accommodations recommended.