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OCCC World Languages and Culture Center

  • Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software
  • Satellite TV in several languages
  • A very large collection of foreign films with english subtitles

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Civil Rights and Justice

American Civil Liberties Union
The ACLU is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization established to defend the civil rights of all Americans.

FBI Uniform Crime Reports

Hate Crimes on Hate Crimes

Grammar and Language

Self-study Quizzes for ESL students

The Guide to Grammar and Writing

The Bluebook of Grammar and Punctuation

Houghton Mifflin's Writing: ACE Practice Tests

The Internet Grammar of English

Grammar and Writing Links

Listen to English

Hospital English

English as Another Language

ESL Teachers

ESL Teachers Links

Study English in Australia

Best Resources

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Diversity, Tolerance and Cultural Awareness

Council on American-Islamic Relations

Tips for Students of Color

Men in Nursing School on Racism

Teaching Tolerance

Arab American Institute

MTV Actvism

Tolerance at Home

Do Something

Hate News

Tolerance News on Prejudice Terms on Prejudice on Hate and Violence on What to Tell

College Help

Effective Study Skills

88 Surefire Tips for Succeeding in College

Research Beyond Google

Minority Scientist Network


Life Skills and Lessons



Free Lessons




Car Insurance



United Nations

Emancipation Proclamation

Civics Theories

Mount Rushmore

Bill of Rights

The 13 Colonies

Civil War

Voting Rights Test

World War Two

Pledge of Allegiance

Civil Rights

American Indian Tribes

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ESL Teacher Videos


Hearing Practice


Easy Things




Sentence Patterns



Pronunciation Practice

Listening Practice

Podcasts in English


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eduPass on Health

eduPass on Financial Aid

PowerPoint on Job Searching

Guide to the USA

International Grad Students

A4 ESL Podcasts

Search Engines

Yippy A metasearch engine that combines the results of several top search engines.

Intute A searchable database.

Infomine A virtual library of Internet resources from the University of California, California State University, the University of Detroit-Mercy, and Wake Forest University.

IPL A search engine, not just a Googlebot. A database of tens of thousands of movies, live music, audio, texts, and web pages, over 55 billion.

Freepint A list of hundreds of specialty databases.

YouTube Videos

Study Tips

Arab American

Making Our Voices Heard - African American

Voices of Color Part 1

Voices of Color Part 2

International Students Tutorial

Welcome to the United States

p350 Documentary

Create an LGBT Group for your Campus

Tips for International Students

International Students Transition

Making our Voices Heard - Hispanic/Latino