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Available Workshops

Below you will find the workshops the lab offers for reservable presentations. Most workshops are around 50 minutes, but they can be modified to be longer or shorter based on your needs. These can be presented in your classroom during classtime or scheduled outside of your classtime in one of the lab's reservable spaces.

To reserve a workshop, click the button at the bottom of the page to complete the Resource Request Form. If you do not see a topic that fits your needs, complete the Resource Request Form and include the details of what you need in the Additional Instructions / Comments box.

We recommend completing the Resource Request Form at least a week prior to the desired presentation date if you are selecting one of the workshops below. If you are requesting a customized workshop, we recommend completing the Resource Request Form at least two weeks prior to the desired presentation date.

Documentation Skills


Students will explore common difficulties with MLA documentation, style and formatting. This workshop covers paper formatting, works cited, and in-text citations. This is available as a lecture and as a collaborative workshop, as well as on PowerPoint and on Prezi. 



Students will learn the techniques for citing and using APA Style in writing. This workshop addresses formatting, listing references, and in-text citations. 


Integrating ResearchIntegrating Research

Students will develop an understanding of quoting, paraphrasing and summary and when to use them.  They will also work with the ICE method to effectively integrate quotes and paraphrases.


Evaluating Credible Sources on the InternetEvaluating Credible Sources on the Internet

This workshop teaches the importance of making good judgments when selecting online sources for research.  Students will explore the strengths and weaknesses of Internet research. They will also learn to apply evaluation criteria to their own Internet sources.


Academic IntegrityAcademic Integrity

Students will understand the definition and consequences of academic dishonesty.  This workshop explores types of academic dishonesty and challenges students to consider how to avoid them.


Research PaperResearch Paper

In this workshop, students learn the process of writing research papers, including finding sources, note taking, quoting/paraphrase/summary, and outlining.


General Writing Techniques

Grammar Boot CampGrammar Boot Camp

In this workshop, students will learn basic grammar concepts to build a strong foundation for writing. The workshop also consists of revision techniques as well as proofreading and strengthening academic language.


Writing BasicsWriting Basics

Students will take an in-depth look at the components of the basic essay. Students will enjoy the cooperative learning structure - complete with hands- on writing activities. This workshop is great for students who haven’t written in a long time.


Revising and EditingRevising and Editing

Students will learn how to approach the revision process in their writing and some helpful tips for editing papers.



Argumentation Skills

Recognizing RhetoricRecognizing Rhetoric

Students will build strategies for analyzing arguments using the rhetorical appeals, ethos, pathos and logos and examine various fallacies. Students will also learn how to approach rhetorical analysis and persuasive essay assignments.


Learning to Compromise the Rogerian WayRogerian Argument

Students will explore argumentation through compromise.  They will develop an understanding of how Rogerian argumentation differs from other forms of arguments, as well as how to approach Rogerian assignments and maintain an objective tone.


Persuasive WritingPersuasive Writing

This workshop examines strategies for effective arguments.  Students will learn about rhetorical appeals, developing and organizing persuasive essays and responding to alternative views.


Literature/ Storytelling

 Telling Your Story: Writing the Narrative Writing the Narrative

Students will take a journey through the creation of their personal narrative. They will workshop to create active dialogue and learn how to add feeling and description to their writing.



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