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Username and Password Information

The information provided on this page can help you manage your OCCC account password. If you haven't already done so please take the time to read the information presented. Having a proper understanding of the policies and procedures surrounding passwords is a critical part of keeping your information secure online.


Your login info is the same as for student email and MineOnline.

Your username will be


OCCC recognizes that strong passwords are an effective security measure to protect data and personal information.  Password complexity requirements are:

  • 1 – Uppercase letter
  • 1 – Lowercase letter
  • 1 – Numeral
  • 1 – Special character !@#$%^&*
  • Password must be a minimum of 8 characters in length

Example: 0K1ah@ma

No form of OCCC, your name, the word password, or similar words can be used.  Passwords are required to be changed at least once every 365 days. 

For any questions regarding this new requirement, please reach out to the Help Desk at (405) 682-7777.

I just received my account what's my password?

  • For first-time students your initial password will be set to your birthdate in MMDDYY format (ex. 051295). You will be required to change your password upon your first login.
  • For students who have attended OCCC previously and are now returning your password will be the last 6 digits of your Social Security Number. You will be required to change your password upon your first login.

You should also Register for self service password reset. This will enable you to reset your password without having to contact the OCCC Helpdesk.

How do I change my password?

Whether your password is expired or you're just looking to change it up you can always visit Change My Password. The only requirement for using the change my password link is that you know your password.

What if I forgot my password?

In order to reset your password without assistance you must have previously registered for self service password reset. If that's you then click Reset My Password. If you haven't previously registered you will need to contact the OCCC Helpdesk at (405) 682-7777.

How do I register for self service password reset?

Register for self service password reset

Does OCCC have any policies that govern password use?

Policy No. 3058, Information Technolgy Resources Acceptable Use Policy

Policy No. 3061, Access To Integrated Information System Data and Passwords