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EVP Gardner Moves to Operations Role

Accepts behind-the-scenes role in Operations

    (Published: 10-21-20)

EVP Gardner Moves to Operations Role

Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) today announced that Greg Gardner, long-time faculty and staff member at the college and former VP of Academic Affairs, will be stepping down from the Executive Leadership Team and Cabinet.

“Today, Greg Gardner requested to step back,” said OCCC’s Provost and VP of Student Affairs, Jeremy Thomas. “We believe in Greg’s ability to do great things for OCCC, but we also agree with him that big changes are required to move our community forward.”

Gardner will assume a behind-the-scenes role overseeing daily operations of Facilities Management, Community Development and Cultural Programs.


“Change doesn’t come all at once,” said Chief of Staff Danita Rose. “But every single day, we will work really hard to make OCCC better for the thousands of people who depend on us.”

Oklahoma City Community College enrolls around 17,000 students annually. Thousands more are served in non-credit classes and programs. The college has more than 60 fields of study and offers associate degrees, certifications and leadership opportunities.

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