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OCCC Offers Tuition Waiver for High School Students

Allows students to save hundreds on college classes

    (Published: 06-10-20)

OCCC students on campus

Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) is offering a tuition waiver for high school Juniors and Seniors. The tuition waiver allows students to take college classes for credit tuition-free at OCCC concurrently while they complete high school classes.

“College should be affordable, flexible and accessible to everyone who wants it,” said Dr. Jeremy Thomas, Vice President of Student Affairs for OCCC. “Especially in such a difficult year, when students might be inclined to ‘wait and see’ or ‘take it slow,’ we want to really encourage them to instead take that first step toward the future they want for themselves and their families right now.”

While students are still responsible for books and fees, the tuition waiver amounts to hundreds of dollars of savings at OCCC, and potentially thousands of dollars in savings compared to traditional four-year colleges. The waiver is open to students about to enter their Junior and Senior years of high school, and OCCC will waive tuition for up to 18 college credit hours each year. For more information and to get started with the paperwork, students should visit