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OCCC facilities are closed from January 16 to January 18 in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Most facilities will reopen on January 19 with normal business hours, but with limited entry and exit points to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Please click here to review operating hours and entry points.

COVID-19 is a virus identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness that has spread globally into a pandemic. OCCC encourages you to learn more about COVID-19, health and safety precautions, and resources at:
CDC Coronavirus Website

Employees who are affected by COVID-19 should complete the COVID-19 Reporting Form under Campus Links on the Portal.

Submitting Transcripts

The Office of Records and Registration Services processes all incoming college and high school transcripts for New Students, Returning Students, and Current Students.

Transcripts should be mailed to:

Oklahoma City Community College
Attn: Office of Records and Registration Services
7777 S. May Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73159

Electronic transcripts should be emailed to:

This email is only for the submission of electronic transcripts. Please direct all questions to 405-682-7512.
When Submitting Transcripts to OCCC
When submitting transcripts to OCCC from other schools, it is important to know that a transcript will be rejected and possibly returned by OCCC to the student and/or the school under any of the following conditions:

  • The Registrar's seal and/or signature is missing.
  • The official transcript is for the wrong student, or the name on the transcript differs from that on the transcript request form.
  • The official transcript is illegible.

 To request your OCCC transcript, please visit Records