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Regular Admission

Applicants who:

  1. are graduates of an accredited high school or have achieved a high school equivalency certificate based on the GED test (GED recipient's high school class must have graduated);
  2. have participated in the American College Testing Program (ACT), the Scholastic Aptitude Testing Program (SAT) or a similar acceptable battery of tests; and
  3. meet high school curricular requirements, are eligible for admission to Oklahoma City Community College.

High school curricular requirements:

4 units English (grammar, composition, literature)
2 units Lab Science (from biology, chemistry or physics)
2 units History (including one unit of American History)
3 units Mathematics (from algebra, geometry, trigonometry, math analysis or calculus)
1 unit Citizenship (from economics, geography, government or non-western culture)
3 additional units from subjects previously listed or from computer science or a foreign language

15 Total Required Units
In addition to the above requirements, the following subjects are recommended for college preparation:
2 additional units: Fine Arts -- music, art, drama; Speech
1 additional unit: Lab Science (as described above)
1 additional unit: Mathematics (as described above)

4 Recommended Units

Individuals admitted as regular Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree-seeking students who do not meet the high school curricular requirements must make up deficiencies within their first 24 credit hours of college level work, or have all subsequent enrollments restricted to deficiency removal courses until the deficiencies are removed. In addition, students must remove curricular deficiencies in a discipline area before taking college level work in that discipline. All curricular deficiencies must be met prior to graduation. Students may remediate deficiencies through prescribed coursework or testing. Courses used to remediate a deficiency may not be used toward meeting degree requirements.

Submissions of Academic Credentials

Applicants must submit official and complete high school and college transcripts, test scores, and other credentials during the admission process. Failure to list all previously attended colleges or the submission of false information is grounds for denial of admission or immediate suspension.

All credentials submitted become the property of Oklahoma City Community College and are a part of the student's academic record. They will not be returned or released. Students wishing to obtain such documents must contact the original issuing institution. Returning students who have had no enrollment activity at Oklahoma City Community College for a period of five years or more will be required to resubmit academic records from previous institutions attended.

Evaluation of Academic Preparation

All credentials submitted during the application process will be evaluated during the admission process. Students may be required to take a college assessment test to determine a proficiency level in English, reading, mathematics, and science. This test is used as a placement instrument to foster the academic success of students enrolling at Oklahoma City Community College.