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Why choose Oklahoma City Community College

Your success in college is important to us. That's why we focus our resources on providing you with the best educational experience possible. Oklahoma City Community College is affordable, accessible and a great place to get a college education. Our open admission policy makes OCCC a terrific college for just about anyone with any kind of goal.

Did you know that more than half of all first-time college freshmen attend community colleges nationwide? More than 22,000 students just like you chose Oklahoma City Community College last year. This is a great place to begin your college education. We offer students:

  • Preparation for a career and credits that transfer to a 4-year College or University. We offer two-year associate degrees and one- and two-year certificates for shorter programs focusing on career training. Many students begin here and finish at a four-year college or university. We have many associate degrees that transfer directly into a bachelor's degree program at other Oklahoma colleges and universities.

  • Significant Savings in Tuition. Overall cost savings is a major benefit of attending Oklahoma City Community College. The lower tuition cost of our college makes a quality education available to a wider range of students.

  • A Wide Variety of Majors and Academic Programs. We have more than 60 degree programs and certificates in a wide variety of majors to choose from.

  • The Latest Technology. Many of our labs offer state-of-the-art equipment and programs in computers, science, math, communications and health technology.

  • A Qualified and Accessible Faculty. Our faculty members' primary responsibility is teaching, not research and publishing. Many of our professors also have extensive practical experience in the subjects they teach. Our qualified faculty members are accessible to students through office hours and advising, and often act as sponsors for clubs and organizations.

  • Small Class Sizes. The average class size at Oklahoma City Community College is significantly smaller than at a four-year university. This makes it a great place for individualized attention providing a smoother transition and adjustment to academic life in higher education.

  • Diversity. We have students of different ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities and offer a wide spectrum of clubs and activities that support our diversity.

  • Support for International Students. We are committed to ensuring that our students succeed and offer a comprehensive array of tutoring, advising, career planning, developmental courses, and counseling.
  • Support Students for Whom English is a Second Language. We also offer extensive English programs to meet the needs of students with limited proficiency prior to entry.

  • Proven Success. Many people who began their higher education at a community college have gone on to make significant contributions and to achieve recognition in a variety of fields. Many leaders in government, entertainment, business and science were once community college students.