Test Center - Faculty

The OCCC Test Center is available to all faculty members for out-of-class testing. Instructors may place copies of their exams in the Test Center to allow students flexibility in taking exams and to increase the number of hours for content presentation.

Using the Test Center

Test Center administration and staff ask that all faculty utilizing the Test Center understand and agree to the Policies and Procedures for Test Center Use.  This helps us ensure the integrity of testing and provides for an efficient and streamlined operation.  Faculty will also need to complete the “Faculty Test Instructions” for each test to be administered by the Test Center.  Faculty is asked to complete this form to ensure that Test Center staff are administering the class exam correctly. The Faculty Test Instructions will be placed in the faculty member’s test folder with the exams.  The form should be updated each academic year.

Getting Started Q&As for Faculty

Test Center Policies and Procedures