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Getting Started Q&As for Faculty

I want to use the OCCC Test Center to proctor my tests, what do I need to do to get started?

Any faculty member who wishes to use the Test Center Services is required to fill out the Test Center Policy and procedures form. This form contains the steps that need to be taken when submitting tests to the Test Center.

What am I responsible for when using the Test Center Services?

Faculty is responsible for:

Designing, filing, retrieving, and grading exams

Requesting testing services from the Test Center

Providing students with testing guidance

Responding to “testing incidents”

Approving/denying students’ requests for rescheduled testing

Notifying students of acceptable Test Center behavior

What can I expect from the Test Center staff?

Testing Center staff is responsible for:

Protecting the integrity of your exam

Verifying student identification and insuring that he or she is authorized to test

Scheduling the exam during times agreed upon

Providing a low- distraction environment for testing

Reporting incidents to faculty in an appropriate amount of time

Monitoring testing students

Contacting faculty if there is a question regarding tests

How can my tests be administered?

Exams can be administered as basic written exams, objective or scan-based exams on paper or can be proctored through the Test Center’s secure online testing.

Paper Based Testing: OCCC Faculty can choose whether students write answers on tests, fill out a Scantron, or have additional paper for essay writing.

Secure Online Testing:  Online testing can be integrated with Moodle.

Testing Center Staff can sign students into your Moodle test.

I want to move my paper test to Moodle. Who can I contact for assistance?

Instructors interested in learning more about secure online testing and/ or need guidance on how to make the best of their Moodle testing platform, can contact the Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) at (405) 682-7378 or online at

What should I tell my students if I want them to test in the Test Center?

Inform your students that you have submitted a test to the Test Center and that, when they visit the center, they should know the following information:

Student Guidelines for Test Center Use

Students must present an OCCC photo ID each time to request a test.

Students must have the following information:

Course Number

Instructor's Name

Test Number (As documented on your test copies and Test information Form)

What if my student needs a testing accommodation?

Let students know that they can meet with Services to Students with Disabilities staff and talk about accommodation needs.
Accommodations will be determined at that time. To make an appointment call (405) 682-7520 or email

Please help us help you by advising students of the following:

Students must have an OCCC photo ID.  A test will not be administered without an ID.

Students must place all personal items, including turned off cell phones, in our lockers.  We will provide a token for the locker and students will have a key to hold on to while they are taking their test.

Students may not leave the Testing room during the test.  Once they leave, the test is considered complete and they may not come back and continue the test.

How we can work together:

Please do not ask students to relay information to Test Center staff.  Contact a Testing Center staff member directly if something changes with the student’s test.  (i.e. you’ve extended their test date, etc.)

Please replace outdated tests.

Please send us the appropriate amount of copies for the number of students taking the test.

Please understand that we will not return exams via interoffice mail.

More information regarding Faculty Test Center Use can be found at: