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Test Center - Students

Student Guidelines for Test Center Use

  • By receiving an exam, students agree to follow TC policies.
  • Students are required to show a current OCCC photo ID to take an exam. No exam will be given without this.
  • Only test materials are permitted in the Test Center. NO PERSONAL ITEMS. An exam session will be terminated if a student brings in any electronic device, as they are strictly prohibited within the testing rooms.
  • After beginning, students must finish the exam before exiting the testing room.
  • Distribution of exams ends one hour before closing. Exams will be taken up precisely at closing. Please cooperate by turning in the exam when asked.
  • All testing materials will be collected when the exam form is returned. This includes notes, index cards, and scratch paper.
  • Calculators will be available for use on exams. The student ID card serves as security. Faculty may determine calculator use on their own exams.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to come to the Test Center with the exam's course category, course number, instructor's name, and test number.
  • Tests will be administered following the faculty member's instructions. Any exceptions will need to come directly from the instructor.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the Test Center.
  • The Test Center cannot accommodate children.

CHEATING is strongly prohibited.  Please see OCCC Office of Testing and Assessment Services policy NO. 5024   

SURVEILLANCE: The Office of Testing and Assessment, including all areas of the Test Center, are subject to video surveillance.

Get the most from your Test Center Visit

Before arriving at the Test Center

  • Our brains work better when they are properly nourished. Be sure to eat before a taking a test. The benefits of having eating before a test are energy and help with focus. Try something light, as heavy foods have tendency to make one groggy.
  • Try to avoid “all-nighters.” Eight hours of good sleep is recommended; however, if studying late, get at least three hours of sleep before taking the test, this will help with focus.
  • Studies have shown that it takes about five minutes to engage in study. This applies to testing too. Showing- up a little early to the Test Center allows time to put items in lockers and do a five minute “quick review” to put the mind in a testing mode.
  • Go to the bathroom before walking into the exam room. Students are not allowed to leave the Test Center to use the restroom once they have been given the test.
  • Arrive with a positive attitude and keep one throughout testing. Attitude is important to the success of a test by relieving anxiety and assisting with memory recall.

Taking the Test

  • Quickly survey the test once you receive it.
  • Focus on answering what you know first. Then, go back later and spend the time on those questions that you weren’t sure of. Other parts of the test may actually offer assistance with these questions.
  • Read each question carefully. A single word can change the whole question that is asked and determine which answer is correct.
  • When selecting an answer for a question, determine the answers that you are sure are not correct. This reduces the choices you have and can help in determining what answer is correct.
  • If you have no idea of the answer on a test, try the “five dollar method.” If you eliminate those answers you know are definitely not correct, then, of the remaining answers, ask yourself if you are willing to give up your five dollars for a particular answer if it is not correct.
  • Take time to review your test before turning it in.
  • Only change answers if during review you find that the question was misread or misinterpreted. As a rule of thumb, the first answer usually selected on a test is the correct one.

For further assistance with Study Skills and test preparation at OCCC, visit the following websites:

Communications Lab

Textbook Study Skills

Student Support Services Learning Support

Study Skills, Being a Successful Student, and Cognitive and learning styles

Student Accommodations for Testing

  • Meet with Services to Students with Disabilities staff and talk about accommodation needs.
  • Accommodations will be determined at that time. To make an appointment call (405) 682-7520 or email

Placement Testing in the Test Center


What is the purpose of placement testing?

The purpose of ACCUPLACER and the MyMath Test is to provide useful information on a person's current academic skill in Math, English, and Reading. The results of the assessment, in conjunction with academic background, goals, and interests, are used by academic advisors to determine course selection.

Can I fail the test?

The placement tests are not designed for "pass" or "fail" results. However, course registration is determined by the results. It is very important that you do your best on the tests, to set an accurate measure of your academic skills.

How many times can I take the test?

You may test twice each major term (Fall, Spring, Summer) with the first day of class for the next term being the reset date for renewed opportunities to test.

How much does it cost to take a placement test?

Testing for Course Placement

  • Accuplacer fee is waived for placement testing only, meaning that only entering students taking the Accuplacer for the first time can test at no cost.
  • Students are allowed the opportunity to take the Accuplacer twice in a semester; however, ONLY the first test is free. All subsequent tests have a  $5 fee per test (Reading, Writing, or Math).
  • Students can visit with Testing and Assessment to get a referral.

Testing for Program Applications

  • If a student is taking the Accuplacer for an application, they will be required to pay $5.00 per test to take the test. The fee is not waived.  For example, if a student is taking the Accuplacer to apply for the nursing program, the student will need to pay for this test regardless of whether the student has taken the Accuplacer previously for placement or not, as application testing is not covered by OCCC.
  • Those wishing to test can visit with Testing and Assessment to get a referral.

Make a payment How do I pay for an exam?

Testers can pay online for Tests with a credit card or electronic check through the Higher One CASHNET system.  There will be a 2.75% convenience fee for the use of credit cards.

Do I just show –up to take the test or do I need to make and appointment?

Students will need a referral from Enrollment, Advising, or Assessment to take a placement test.

Appointments are not required for placement testing.  Students may come during open Test Center hours to take the exams.  Students will need to sign in at least 1 hour before closing to be administered a reading or writing exam and at least 1.5 hours before closing for math exams.

What should I bring with me to the test?

All students taking a Placement Test must present a photo ID for admissions to the test area. Acceptable ID’s must be original, current (valid) IDs issued by a city/state/federal government agency or your school. Note: School ID must be in hard plastic card format. Paper or electronic formats are NOT acceptable. The photo must be clearly recognizable as you.

What if I need assistance with taking my test?

Students who wish to apply accommodations for placement testing should contact the Office of Student Support (682-7520) to discuss such accommodations.

Can I prepare for the placement TESTS?

Yes! In fact, preparation for the placement test is suggested. Prospective and returning students can receive help with reading and writing in the Communications Lab or with math in the Math Lab

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

For further information, please contact the Office of Testing and Assessment Services: (405) 682-7531.