Exams Proctored for Other Institutions

NOTICE: Beginning January 1st, 2015, OCCC Testing and Assessment will begin charging $10 per exam for proctoring exams for students attending other institutions

Non OCCC Student Proctored Exam Procedure:

In order for exams to be proctored at Oklahoma City Community College, the candidate must adhere to the following:

  1. Submit a request for test proctoring by email to testing@occc.edu
  2. The Coordinator will review the request and if the request is approved for proctoring OCCC will send the student a copy of the OCCC Proctored Exam Policy.  The candidate must read and sign the OCCC policy and return it to the Office of Testing and Assessment.
  3. If the candidate's institution also requires a Proctor Agreement Form, the candidate may send this form to OCCC to be completed and submitted to their institution.
  4. After the candidates home institution approves the exam proctoring venue at OCCC, the secure exam may be sent to the Office of Testing and Assessment.  testing@occc.edu
  5. Pay online Prior to the exam proctoring session, the candidate must pay the $10.00 exam fee directly to the OCCC Bursar's Office or online through CASHNET
  6. At least 24 hours prior to the exam the candidate should contact The Office of Testing and Assessment to verify that OCCC has received their exam.  Candidates do not need an appointment, exams may be taken anytime during open Test Center hours.  However, candidates must arrive at least 1 hour before closing to be admitted for an exam.  Please be sure to arrive early enough to complete the exam as all testing will end promptly at closing.
  7. The candidate must provide a receipt indicating payment of the exam fee and a valid government issued photo ID such as a driver's license or passport to test.  Student IDs are not accepted.

Please be sure your institution sends your exam material prior to the scheduled date of testing to allow for processing. Materials should be received at least 24 hrs in advance.  Exams will be returned the next business day after the exam is completed.  Exams taken on Friday or Saturday will be returned on the following Monday.