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Important Enrollment & Registration Dates


Fall 2019 Section Code Begins With (Ex. TR01U) Dates of Classes Last Day to Add a class Last day to Drop class with No Charge (with refund) Last day to drop class with "W" on your transcript
August Intersession I July 29-August 9 Prior to the start time on the 1st day of class Prior to the start time on the 3rd day of class August 7
Early 8 Week E August 19-October 12

August 20

August 23 September 27
16 Week T August 19-December 14 August 23 August 30 November 8
Late 8 Week M October 14-December 14 October 15 October 18 November 29
Fast Track 1 F August 24-September 29 August 23 August 30 September 18
Fast Track 2 F October 5-November 9 October 4 October 11 October 30
Fast Track 3 F November 16-December 14 November 15 November 22 December 4
Holidays College Closed

Labor Day: September 2   Thanksgiving Break: November 28-December 1                          Winter Break: December 25-January 1


SPRING 2020 Section Code Begins With    (Ex. TR01U) Dates Of Classes Last Day To Add A Class Last Day To Drop Class With No Charge or Refund Last Day To Drop Class With “W” On Transcript
January Intersession


January 6-January 17 Prior to the start time on the 1st day of class Prior to the start time on the 3rd day of class January 14
Early 8 Week E January 21-March 14 January 22 January 24 February 28
Spring 16 Week T January 21-May 16 January 24 January 31 April 17
Late 8 Week M March 23-May 16 March 24 March 27 May 1
Fast Track I F January 25-February 22 January 24 January 31 February 12
Fast Track II F February 29-April 4 February 28 March 6 March 25
Fast Track III F April 11-May 9 April 10 April 17 April 29
Holidays-College Closed    Martin Luther King Day:  January 20  Spring Break:  March 16-22


Please watch the student planning instructional videos to review how to add/drop courses from your plan and schedule: