Director's Certificate of Completion Courses:

  • CD 1121 The Child Development Professional

  • CD 2153 Intro to Early Childhood Education

  • CD 2113 Intro to Child Development

  • CD 2333 Integrated Curriculum Development I

  • CD 2353 Child Health, Safety and Nutrition

  • CD 2363 Behavior and Guidance of Young Children

  • ENGL 1113 English Composition I

  • CD 2813 Early Childhood Center Personnel Development & Management

  • CD 2833 Early Childhood Center Financial Planning & Management

Total: 25 credit hours


** This certificate is awarded from the Oklahoma State Regents of Higher Education-Scholars for Excellence in Child Care Program. This certificate is currently only awarded to Directors and Assistant Directors of OKDHS child care centers.  Teachers and Family Child Care Home providers can be awarded the certificate after completion of a Child Development Associate in Arts.