Find My Classroom

OCCC can be a confusing place to navigate, and our rooms sometimes have odd names. But we can help you find your classroom!

Step 1

Go to the map for the OCCC Main Campus.

Main Campus Map

Step 2

Do you see the search box in the upper left-hand corner of the window?

Search Box

Key in the room number for the class. Capitalization is not important. When you haved entered the number, click on the Search button.

Search for a classroom

Step 3

In this case, there is only one room that matches the search criteria. Click anywhere in the area that is associated with the room number. (The area is highlighted for illustration purposes.) If there are multiple rooms that meet the search criteria, you will be given a list of choices.

Find my classroom results

Step 4

The location of the room is now displayed on the campus map!

Find my room results