The Office of Grants and Contracts coordinates OCCC's efforts to secure external funding both from public and private sector grantors. To assist the faculty and staff of OCCC, the Office of Grants and Contracts:

  • Reviews proposals submitted by the College faculty and staff to funding agencies
  • Edits, critiques and adds strengthening suggestions to proposals and concept papers written by others, and as needed, drafts, revises, and prepares formal proposals
  • Assists with development of ideas for projects and budget preparation to ensure all OCCC policies are followed
  • Provides and obtains current guidelines for application processes
  • Provides current information on sources of grant funding opportunities (federal, state, local, private)
  • Acts as liaison with funding agency personnel (obtains samples successful and funded proposals, clarifies questions about selection criteria, determines project viability, etc)
  • Obtains signature of the President as certifying official of the College
  • Develops, maintains and monitors contractual obligations with community partners
  • Mails (certified mail, overnight courier) and submits electronically proposals to meet application deadlines
  • Maintains file copies of all pending, funded, and unfunded proposals submitted by OCCC
  • Negotiates awards, when appropriate
  • Provides grant management orientation for project directors

It is important to note that the Director of Grants and Contracts is not an expert within any given academic field or specialized curricula. Rather, the Office provides technical expertise and assistance in the research, development, and submission of grant proposals.