Course Offerings 


ACT Workshop

The Capitol Hill Center’s ACT workshop was created to help prepare high school students, especially in the south Oklahoma City community, for the ACT test while encouraging higher education. Our hope is that this program will help to do the following:

  • Increase overall scores on the ACT test.
  • Provide students with resources and contacts that can help them further their education.
  • Engage parents through the programs we provide here at our center that include ESL, GED, and citizenship courses.

Bilingual Banking and Finance Program

OCCC’s Capitol Hill Center is currently accepting applications for the Bilingual Banking and Finance program.  This Certificate of Mastery program is designed to help prepare students for an entry level position in a financial institution.  Students will participate in both classroom and internship opportunities.  

To apply, click here to fill out the Application for Admission.  

For additional information about the program, please visit Bilingual Banking & Finance  or contact (405) 272-5140.


In your citizenship class, you will study the American court system. To prepare for the citizenship test, you must study how the American government works and what your responsibilities will be as a United States citizen. You will learn about the Constitution, the different branches of government and how laws are made. You will learn your rights, and duties, as an American, such as your right to free speech and your obligation to serve on juries.

On your citizenship test, you might be asked to name the current president of the United States. The class will include an overview of American history so that you will understand how and why the country was founded and when and why certain laws were passed. You will also learn basic history about America's wars and former leaders, as well as the names and roles of current leaders, including your own governor.


College for Kids 2018

June 4-29

The OCCC College for Kids program (grades 5–8) is a dynamic summer enrichment program for students who have high academic potential, an interest in the subject matter and motivation or talent. The program consists of mostly one-week classes in Creative Arts, Humanities/Social Sciences, Math, Computer Applications and Science. Classes are taught highly qualified and experienced instructors.

June Flyer (English)
June Flyer (Spanish)
July Flyer (English)
July Flyer (Spanish)
Course Descriptions

Basic Computer Skills


This series is an introduction to basic computer skills and will take you from fear of technology to confident computer user. In Basic I, you will explore what a computer is and what it can do, learn about Windows 7 operation, and work with Microsoft Word. Basic II leads you through the Internet and use of e-mail. Basic III focuses on Excel and the ins and outs of this useful program. Finally, Basic IV teaches PowerPoint and presentation skills. Classes are offered based on enrollment.

Computer Classes

English as a Second Language

(Beginning) This course emphasizes the basics of English, including speaking, listening, reading and writing through conversation, oral and written exercises.  Life skills, as appropriate, are taught and the students are exposed to American culture and customs to assist them in feeling empowered and comfortable in the United States.  

(Intermediate) Students will continue to develop their speaking, listening and grammar skills by participating in conversation and basic discussions to improve fluency.  Students will expand their vocabulary and develop reading, writing, and learning strategies.  

ESL classes are offered at no cost. Classes meet 2 days a week for 3 hours a day. Morning and evening classes are available.  - See more at:


ESL Classes for Youth

This course is designed to support second language acquisition for middle and high school students newly arrived or less than 2 years in the country, currently enrolled in any secondary level school. Students from across the metro will have the opportunity to develop conversational level language with peers from different schools and cultures in a safe and age appropriate learning environment.

Classes this spring is to be announced; Classes will meet 2 hours a day, 2 days a week.

TO ENROLL: Guardian must enroll students at the center. For information call  (405)272-5140 

GED (For Spanish speakers)

This is an 18 week course that will include 6 week units focused on one of the following subject areas at a time; reading and writing, Math, Science and History. Throughout the course students will have opportunities to take practice tests to help prepare for the GED Exam. This course will be taught in Spanish.

GED classes are offered at no cost. Classes meet 2 days a week for 3 hours a day. Morning and evening classes are available.  - See more at:


Introduction to Technology for the workforce

This 6 week class will introduce the students to technology and additional skills needed to enter into today’s technology rich workforce. Workforce skills include Computer basics, internet, email, basic workforce English, job search and interview skills, customer service skills and much more. This class meets for 2 1/2 hours Monday through Friday for 6 weeks.