Political Science

The Department of Political Science at Oklahoma City Community College is composed of a diverse group of active scholars committed to teaching, research, and mentoring future political scientists. The faculty's expertise spans American politics, comparative politics, law, political theory, public administration, and public policy. The department provides a broad base of 1000/2000-level courses in order to expose students to the various sub-fields of political science. The department is fully committed to ensuring that program majors are prepared for a successful transition to a four-year institution.

Oklahoma City Community College offers an Associate in Arts degree (A.A.) in Political Science. This degree provides excellent preparation for a full range of careers, including work in education, law, public policy, government, or public service.


  • Faculty: Please announce to your students that the Political Science Department's webpage is operational. Feel free to contact me if you would like to post announcements, events, etc. I believe that we need to be utilizing the webpage to connect with our majors and also to provide a bulletin board, so to speak, for them.

Dr. Markus Smith, Chair