Non-Regionally Accredited Institutions

In some cases, OCCC will evaluate transcripts from non-regionally accredited colleges and universities. Students must be currently enrolled to request an evaluation of credit from a non-regionally accredited institution. OCCC will only evaluate such transcripts at the request of the student.

Evaluation Process

  • Students are advised to first contact the Graduation and Transfer office to determine whether their transcript can be evaluated.
  • Students must complete a College Transcript Evaluation Request and submit an official transcript from the school(s) they are requesting evaluation.
  • During the review of the transcript, you may be asked to provide a course description and/or syllabus in order to be awarded credit.
  • Upon completion of the evaluation, an email will be sent to your OCCC email address. You are then able to access a program evaluation via the Student Portal to assess what credit was posted to your official record.