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What is a GPA and Why is it Important?

You may have gone through high school without thinking much about your GPA.  But now that you are in college, it is important to know what your GPA is and why it matters. 

What Does GPA mean?

GPA = Grade Point Average

GPA is used to measure academic success

OCCC's grading is based on a 4-point scale.  

A=4 points

B=3 points

C=2 points

D=1 point

F=0 points

How Many GPAs do I have?

You have two GPAs. 

You have individual course grades.  For example, you may earn a B in Chemistry

You also have semester grades.  These are the grades for all the courses you take in a semester. 

For example, you may have 4 courses this semester and earn an A, 2 B's, and a C.  These grades would be used to calculate your semester GPA. 

You have a cumulative GPA.  This consists of all of your semesters added together.  

How Do I Calculate My GPA?

Use the GPA calculator found here

How Do I Raise My GPA?

  • Attend class and be actively involved
  • Communicate with your professor and use his/her office hours
  • Get organized, create a schedule, have required materials, write down assignments
  • Study
    • Make a study schedule
    • Form a study group
    • Study in advance 
  • Use a note taking system, manipulate your notes, create flash cards, and review notes daily
  • Visit the labs on campus and use the resources available through the Virtual Learning Center
  • Take care of yourself by eating right and getting plenty of sleep
  • Use your textbook
  • Repeat any classes that you fail