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Ten Ways to Improve Your Reading Comprehension


1.  Read with a Purpose

Ask yourself, "What do I want to learn from this?"


2.  Skim First Before You Begin Reading

Look at headings, pictures, graphs, tables, and key paragraphs


3.  Get the Mechanics Right

Don't focus on each word, focus on clusters of words


4. Take Notes 

After reading every few paragraphs, pause, and write down key concepts.  Make notes of things you don't understand so that you can ask your instructor or do further research at a later time. 


5.  Think in Pictures

As you read, begin to create mental pictures of the content you are reading to allow you to retain the content better


6.  Link Information to Something You Already Know

What have you already learned about this topic?  Is this related to something else you know?  How can this new information apply to your life, your future career? 

7.  Read Aloud

By reading aloud, you allow yourself to read the words, say the words, and listen to the words at the same time!  That means the brain is working with the information in three ways. 


8.  Rehearse as You Go Along

Ask yourself questions.  Good ones are "Do I understand what this means?"  "Could I explain this to someone else?"


9.  Read for Short Blocks of Time

Read for 10-15 minutes.  Take a break.  Read for 10-15 additional minutes. 


10.  Rehearse Again as Soon as Possible

Avoid multi-tasking.  Keep practicing. Keep reviewing and working until you understand the material at a high level.