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Feeling Like You Are Beginning to Sink?

Was the last test grade lower than what you wanted?   Help Hand

Did you look at your average in your class and then wish you hadn't seen it?

You're not alone!

What you're feeling is felt by many students across our campus every semester and for some, it occurs multiple times in a semester!

It doesn't mean that you aren't college material!

People don't wind up in the middle of a lake or ocean in trouble without knowing how to swim!  They swam out to that point and encountered a situation they weren't expecting.  Does this sound familiar to you? 

What are you experiencing that you didn't expect? 

  • The amount of time needed to study?
  • The difficulty of reading a college textbook?
  • The amount of reading? 
  • The difficulty of the tests?
  • The struggle of remembering it all?
  • The struggle of organizing it all to let you be successful?

This is a common experience!

You have the skills to be in college!  Those skills may need some refining.  

We know it's hard when the semester is in full swing, and you are not feeling good about your courses or your grades. Sometimes, actually quite often, it is hard to get motivated. Especially if the task at hand seems overwhelming.  Sometimes, actually quite often, it is easy to procrastinate.  But getting motivated and staying that way and conquering procrastination are keys to being successful in college and life. 


We're here to help you!  Rescued Student

The Virtual Learning Center (VLC) has multiple resources and opportunities available to provide assistance to you.

  • Tech Support -Do you have the tech blues?  Contact the VLC for some help. 
  • Note Taking - Is taking notes in class hard for you?  Do you wish you could capture all that is being said in class in a way that makes sense when you get home to study?  Check out Cornell notes! 
  • Test Anxiety - Do taking tests stress you out?  Do the questions seem tricky and hard to understand? We have some resources available to help you!
  • Reading a College Textbook - How to plow through the material and make sense of it all.
  • Organizing Strategies to De-Stress Your Days